Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sorry Party People

The hiatus was totally unplanned. I had mega events happening in the vida including a move and oh yeah, grad student ish, that I completed neglected my public! I'll be back soon.

A few last words about the inauguration: hella dope even in the cold! There was a great energy and I mean that in the Bay hippy sense. It was a good time and I may consider doing it again in four years. As a politics-junkie, I must admit I felt like some kind of groupie during the ceremony with remarks like "oh look, there's Rahm Emanuel" or "Get Bill away from the Bush twins!" I was surprised to see the Governator there although he is so Hollywood, it makes perfect sense that he would. I was looking for Palin but not luck. I was surprised to see how feeble McCain looks when he can't control camera angles. Let me tell you, dude is mad hunched over and slow-moving. I was a bit worried about him in that cold. Really, I was. Just because I wouldn't vote for him, doesn't mean I want him to fall out in front of millions of people.

I am concerned that Pres. Sexy is looking a bit haggard these days. Not too much though; he still has that swagger. Thinking back to eight years ago, Pres. Hick was on vacation for like a year so I'm thinking that Pres. Mmmm Mmmm Good could take more days off. He has done a ton of things in a month, so it's all good with me.

More to come...