Monday, November 24, 2008

Post-Election Considerations

It took a while (obviously) to think about the best way to wrap up the election. It was pretty exciting and I couldn't be happier but there were definitely a few moments of thinking this might be all bad...for Black people and therefore everyone. So here are a few things that I've heard or noticed, for your consideration:

Some Election Considerations

We aren't post-racial. I can't even think of when that will be or if we even want that. But the implication that things are equal now, is so false. As Chris Rock said, things aren't equal until Black people are allowed to suck like white people. So when we have a Black George Bush, things might be headed towards equality.

Someone on O'Reilly said that since Obama got all these folks of color out to vote, he should be the one to blame for Prop 8 passing since Black and Brown folks voted for that. We weren't the only ones. Last I checked (from my Mormon classmates), Black and Brown folks aren't allowed to be Mormon. Besides, we aren't the voting majority in Cali. With that said, as a people, we did vote for that mess with some wack excuses like making homosexuals pay their dues or still buying into that schooling mess. It's disappointing and embarrassing, to say the least.

Oh, Sarah Palin. I wish she would run in 2012 and make things easier for Obama's second run. I was shaking my head watching her talk about a "brutal campaign" in front of a turkey slaughter. By the way, I know they have to kill the animals, I just didn't know they stuck the turkey's head into some cone deal until the head was lopped off. I prefer the Nicaraguan machete method, myself. Anyway, it was nice to hear some Republicans talk about how ridiculous she is. But I do wish I heard more about how her pick was a poor reflection on McCain, either in vetting a potential candidate or standing up to his campaign advisors.

Why was the convicted felon Senate race up in the Alaska so close? I mean, if folks are down to elect cons, I have a ton of names I could throw out who would do a way better job than Uncle Ted. Could you imagine Leonard Peltier in the Senate? Or Tookie as Mayor of LA (before the state murdered him). How about Mumia for Speaker of the House and Assata for Secretary of State. Now that's what I call diplomacy!

I think the most heartbreaking part of the election season was listening to the variety of terms we can now put in the racist column. Although they stopped short of calling Barack and Michelle "n*ggas," they might as well; there were just too many instances of letting us know what Black people are not supposed to be and what they can not be trusted to do. Here is a list of some of the racial-coded terms we can now add to our list, if they weren't there already:
-Joe the Plumber, Joe Six Pack, and Walmart Mom
-hard-working part of America

I was pretty entertained by Al-Qaeda supposedly calling Obama a house n*gga ("he does the bidding of whites"). I guess we'll just have to wait and see. But I do have to say that Obama is a politician, not Jesus. He can't cure AIDS as one voter proclaimed (thanks for your vote, although misguided) and he won't be able to cure any other social ill with his signature here and there. Although I too am hoping for great things, I really don't know how much one can do in a racist country, in a racist system. I appreciate his efforts, putting his and his family's future on the line, and that's what makes me emotional. Not emotional like Oprah crying on some strangers shoulder in the park on election night, but emotional none the less.

Next stop, DC on Jan. 20!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Vielka's Guide to the Propositions: The Rest

Sorry about the final hour post, but here are the last few. And then, go vote, people!

Prop 1: VOTE NO
This is that monorail, from that song, in that musical, that I can't remember the name. So it would build an electric train from San Francisco to LA. It would only take a few hours to get back and forth and would not harm the environment as planes and regular trains do. But it costs billions of dollars, only about a tenth of which would be covered by bonds. Didn't Gov. Arnie say we have some sort of state budget deficit? And unlike years ago, the governor isn't blaming it on immigrants but we have a deficit no less and this thing is hella bucks. And it would take ten years to break even. So nevermind.

Prop 3: VOTE YES
Okay, those Jamie Lee Curtis ads got to me a bit. Cute little kids singing a Beattle's song. Can't go wrong with that. But in all honesty, this wouldn't cost us anything since it is bond money (which is why I'm confused when the against people say it would). And Children's Hospital does some really fantastic things.

Prop 7: VOTE NO
It sounds great: renewable energy for all! But for starters, we are moving in that direction without this mandate. Actually, companies have until 2010 to do this anyway. Since it would make electricity more expensive, PG&E would monopolize the market and we'll end up spending hella money since the price for energy would be capped at today's inflated rate. So nah...

Prop 9: VOTE NO
This one is a bit misleading (what a surprise!). It says that victims of crimes will be notified when the person convicted of that crime is released or up for parole. Thing is, that already happens. So it would be more money, for what, exactly? I get that victims of crimes are forever scarred and this may be a helpful way to help with the healing, but we all have to understand that the criminal "justice" system is extremely flawed and we can't continue to punish people after they have served their punishment, assuming they even committed the crime they were locked up for.

Prop 10: VOTE YES
Let the Hybrid owners have a couple dollars back. Well, let us all be able to afford those things and other energy-efficient machines. And this doesn't cost us anything because it's all in bonds.

Prop 11: VOTE YES
Redistricting. Currently, state elected officials are allowed to form their own districts. So if I were running for state government (hint, hint), I would draw a cricle around Oakland, Berkeley, and Richmond. Much love and respect to Barbara Lee, but she isn't losing any time soon, especially since I just described her district. So Prop 11 creates a group of regular folks who will put that together.

And finally...

Prop 12: VOTE YES
This is bond money for veterans. Bonds don't cost us anything, for one. And, although I hate war, especially the pre-emptive kinds, I really think that the soldiers and veterans are treated like crap, even having to buy their own toilet paper while they are in combat. It's really interesting how folks are quick to deploy these guys and could care less about what happens to them when they are there and when they come back. So this is bond money for the veterans. Sounds good.